Synopsis: Free interpretation of Arthur Rimbaud’s poem, aimed at pointing the absurdity of war: through history and continents, no matter their race or religion, soldiers, instruments of the authorities, represent one and only person: another victim.

INFO + -

Short Film by Laura Carnet
Length:  3 min
Language: French
Distribution: Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Non-theatrical distribution: Moving Images Distribution

CREW + -

Director: Laura Carnet
Producer: Yael Carnet
Director of photography: Kenneth Lau
Editor/Colorist: Ko Eto
Production designer: Luane Costa
Make-up artist: Dora Li
Sound recordist: Grant Vetters
Sound designer: Hélène Lelardoux
Camera Operator: Andrew Willig
1st assistant camera: James Healey
Grips: Daniele Simone, Troy Terwiel
Production assistant: Anton Dugan

CAST + -

Narrator: Jean-Louis Garçon
Canadian soldier: Maximilian Corrientes
African soldier: Nadege Lauren
American soldier: James Michel
Middle-Eastern soldier: Rene Rebora
Asian soldier: Walt Yao


Winner: Canada Short Film Festival – 2015, Canada
Winner Award of Merit: The Indie Fest Film Awards – 2015, USA
Official Selection: Williamsburg International Film Festival – 2015, USA
Official Selection: Poppy Jasper Film Festival – 2015, USA
Official Selection: Human Rights Film Festival – 2015, France
Official Selection: Orillia Film Festival – 2015, USA
Nominee Best Art in Motion: Paris Art & Movie Awards – 2015, France
Official Selection: Purgatory Film Exhibition – 2016, USA

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