Synopsis: On his way home, Matt is controlled by the police. A discussion follows between the two men who may have more in common than it seems.

INFO + -

Short Film by Janice Mingas Ngouama
Length:  7 min
Language: English
Status: Festivals circuit

CREW + -

Director: Janice Mingas Ngouama
Producers: Yael Carnet, Sherry Rashidan
Director of photography: Robert Riendeau
1st Assistant Director: Rachel Rose
2nd Assistant Director: Sherry Rashidan
1st Assistant Camera: Brian Cheung
2nd Assistant Camera: Mackenzie McElligott
Production Designer: Adriana Oceguera Sierra
Gaffers: Belen Garcia, Adrianna Hankins
LX: Patricia Cabrera
HMU Artist: Ceylon Coates
Sound Recordist: Karen Chan
On-Set Photographer: Siska Gremmelprez
Casting Director: El Bakkouri
Editor: Janice Mingas Ngouama
Assistant Editor: Jeanne Nicolas Sutter
Sound Designer: Heather Hewitt
Colorist: Devan Scott
VFX Artist: Sebastian Schutt
Music Composers: Jakob Freudendahl, William Gross

CAST + -

Matt Johnson: Denzel Brooks
Officer: Timothy Coderre

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